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Accommodations Unlimited (AUI) is a business unit of Advantage Travel, LLC (AT) which is located in Lakeland, Florida. AT is a licensed and bonded, full service ARC travel agency, licensed in the state of Florida as a Seller of Travel. AT has operated AUI for more than 20 years as a consolidator, wholesaler, and trader of condominium resort inventory. AT’s primary business is the servicing and fulfillment of travel clubs including the brands GreatEscapes, Platinum Key, and Travel Club International.. The company is owned by Joseph “Jody” St. John – CEO, Linda Mayhugh-COO, and Allen Wilson-CMO.

Joseph "Jody" St. John - CEO
Linda Mayhugh - Partner
Allen Wilson - COO

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Resort Week Manager Overview:

Resort Week Manager (RWM) is a B2B solution developed by Accommodations Unlimited (AUI) and designed to facilitate the distribution of full-week condominium inventory between companies that own or control condominium inventory, and those looking for it. There is currently no cost to participate in RWM.

To be a “Purchaser” within RWM, your company must be a member of CARE, IATA, a registered Exchange Company, or a registered Seller of Travel. Supply will primarily come from the timeshare industry and include management companies, home owners associations, resort developers, exchange companies, and others. Our CARE partners are also welcomed to load inventory for distribution.

AUI facilitates all transactions by accepting payment from the Purchaser, and disbursing payment to the Supplier. AUI is responsible for all confirmation paperwork and fulfillment of a confirmed week.

Purchasers pay for weeks upon booking (no cancellation period) and ‘name changes’ can be made up to 48 hours before the arrival date. Amounts due supplier will be retained by AUI in the company's trust account and disbursed to Supplier 5 – 7 days before the weeks arrival date.

Supplier FAQ :

What is Resort Week Manager?
Resort Week Manager is a rental platform that allows companies to load full-week condominium inventory to be rented through wholesale and retail channels.

Who can use Resort Week Manger?
Any approved company that owns or controls full-week condominium inventory. Typically these are HOAs, Management Companies, Resort Developers, and Clubs.

How does it work?
Suppliers load inventory into the system and specifying the “net” rate that they will accept for the week. If booked, the supplier will receive the net rate.

Who handles confirmation?
RWM handles all transactions with the customers including payment for the week and all confirmation information. RWM delivers the supplier with the guest and net rate.

What if something changes with inventory the supplier has loaded?
Suppliers have complete control over the availability and pricing of un-booked inventory. Once inventory is booked, the supplier will be responsible for providing the accommodations.

How do Suppliers get paid?
RWM is part of the Advantage Group of companies which include being a licensed and bonded full-service ARC travel agency. Customer funds are maintained in the companies escrow account and paid to Supplier approximately 3 days before the booked week’s arrival date.

How are cancellations handled?
RWM sales to customers are final. The only scenario where a supplier won’t get paid for a booked week is in the event there is a chargeback to RWM.

Who is the company behind RWM?
Advantage Travel, LLC d/b/a Accommodations Unlimited has been operating for more than 20 years as a consolidator, wholesaler, and trader of condominium resort inventory.

Who will ultimately be renting and staying in the weeks?
We have wholesale relationships with the more than 100 companies within the CARE organization. The acquiring companies within CARE consist of travel and vacation clubs, exchange companies, and condo rental companies. Customers of these companies will be the ultimate user of the weeks. Through our company owned “Club” channel, customers are members of one of our travel clubs.

How long does it take to get started?
Getting started is quick and easy. Once a Supplier Agreement is executed, we can have you loading inventory in literally minutes!

What is ‘Request First’ Inventory?
Suppliers can designate inventory as ‘Request First’ which results in a “request” for the inventory being sent to the supplier for approval or denial. This process is automatic and can be completed through the received email.

What is your Club Services product?
We offer an optional turn-key marketing solution that allows Suppliers to offer rental opportunities to their existing customers such as owners, previous guests and tour no-buys. Suppliers simply load prospects and the automated system does the rest.

Supplier Business Flow :

As part of our strategy for HOA’s and Resort suppliers, Resort Week Manager offers a turn-key marketing platform allowing you to target existing prospects such as owners, previous guests, tour no-buys, and others for inventory rental. We refer to this as our Club Services, which are provided through Advantage Travel, part of the Advantage Group of companies.

Club Services Overview:

  • We design a “Club” around your resort and your brand that will accept as “members” the various types of customers you want to target (e.g. owners, guests, referrals, etc.)
  • There is no cost for a member joining the club, and prospects will opt in to take advantage of an offer, or to receive special offers.
  • Upon opting in, we will capture some basic information such as address and phone number; You can specify additional information to collect based on the prospect type (e.g. you may want to capture marital status, household income range for non-owner types)
  • The data required to initiate the program is limited to: 1. A unique identifier (e.g. owner id for owners, can be anything for other types); 2. Email address; 3. First name; 4. Last Name.
  • You can easily load prospects (by type) into the system using standard cut-and-paste functionality from a spreadsheet, or selecting a data file with the four columns of data.
  • Club members are yours and will only be marketed at your direction.

Club Services Business Flow:

Inventory and Pricing:

After you are set up for Club Services, when loading inventory you will be able to designate the inventory for regular ‘net rate’ channels, your Club, or both. As you know, with net rates, these are marked up by us and you are paid the net rate. When you specify Club rate, this will be the rate paid by the Club member. Because we don’t markup these rates, we charge a commission of 18% on a completed transaction. Currently we do not offer the ability to differentiate pricing between the customer types, so the price you specify, is the price that all customer types will see.

Inventory booked by a Club member will follow the same payment schedule and appear in the same Arrival Reports, Supplier Funds, and Supplier Payment section of the dashboard. Your control of the inventory remains exactly the same allowing you change pricing or make unavailable at any time.


  • Prospects loaded into the system receive an initial offer and then will receive monthly offers until such time that they opt in or out.
  • Upon opting in, the member may elect to add the weekly Hot Deals email, otherwise they will receive a monthly offer.
  • Inventory listed on an email is bookable from the email link (based on it still being available when selected).
  • Members will be able to login at any time into the Club to search and book inventory.

Comming Soon:

We are working on a Facebook & Twitter based referral program that will allow members to refer friends to a rental offer. The “friend” can get a great deal (and the opportunity to become a member) and the member will earn a sizable discount off their next rental.


As noted, Club member bookings will flow through the same processes as other bookings. Separate reporting will be provided to allow Suppliers to see opt in rates, rentals by customer type, as well as access to member data.